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Kimberlee Brooker


Image of Kimberlee BrookerKimberlee is 16yrs and currently attending Oak Flats High School. Kimberlee has had a vision impairment since the age of five when she suddenly lost her eyesight overnight. She has an eye condition called "Rod Cone Dystrophy", but this has never stopped her from achieving her goals. Kimberlee is now currently training for the 2016 Rio Paralympics in Equestrian Dressage. Kimberlee is also not a newcomer to travelling. In 2011, she flew with her Aunty and Cousin to Singapore to visit her Uncle.

Winning Entry

My dream destination is Germany and I have the opportunity to travel there in April of 2013. Every second year my school (Oak Flats high School) and another school (Smith Hill High school) do a study tour for twenty three days around Germany and Austria (which is just for a quick visit). They attend many tourist attractions and attend a school in Bad Neustadt, whilst staying with an allocated host family for six nights.
In 2011, when the Germany study tour was being organized, I was quite interested to go but at that time, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't have enough confidence to stay away from home for a long period of time, so when I found out that the trip was going ahead again this year (2013), I was very keen to give it a go and have a wonderful experience learning about the different lifestyle and culture of Germany.
For the last two years or so, I have been doing a large amount of mobility training with Guide Dogs, under their instructor Ryan. We have completed training on a variety of different walking routes (to allow me to walk to a variety of places such as the local tafe, where I'll be studying part time this year), using a minni guide and catching public transport including trains and buses. I have also been doing training with Mathew for approximately three months on using different GPS applications on an iPhone.
The extensive amount of work I have done with Guide Dogs has dramatically built up my confidence and self-steem, which has encouraged me to do this Germany study tour. I believe that I would be a positive roll model for people with disabilities. Having a disability does not mean that you can not follow your dreams and shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals. I know for a fact, that there would be a number of people with disabilities who'd like to do a study tour or an exchange program in another country, but don't 'think' they can do it because of their disability.
I would love to do this Germany study tour as the reasons being that Germany is my dream destination and I believe I would be a fantastic role model for people with disabilities who are thinking of doing a similar trip. With myself feeling a lot more confident due to the result of a number of hours doing mobility training, as well as being that little bit older in age and more mature, I believe I am able to accomplish my dream to do this Germany study tour. A thousand dollars would enable me to achieve this goal of traveling to my dream destination of Germany.