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Margrette McCann


Margrette is 41 years young and enjoys the simple things in life. She has lived in Newcastle all of her life. Margrette has three kids and two gorgeous grandchildren who are her life. Margrette has had her eye condition since she was a child but she always thought she wouldn't lose her eye sight like her mother. Margrette's Mum has never received help for her eye sight troubles and now she won't leave her house. As a result, Margrette now looks after my Mum. With the help Margrette has receive from Guide Dogs she believes she won't be taking the same path as her mother.

Winning Entry

I would like to be able to go on a cruise to see the islands and the clear waters. I don't go too far because of my eye sight and I'm scared of different places. Having this opportunity to talk about my dream holiday is a good feeling even if I don't win. But then I have to tell you about my fears that hold me back.

I have always wanted to experience a cruise but never thought it possible. I know that it would be something enjoyable and very different to my everyday life. As I am a mum of three kids, a grandma of two and have a dependent mum, I often feel that I am taking care of many and forget about myself. A cruise is an adventure that I believe will allow me to have my turn of being cared for.

I want to be able to change how I feel about stepping out of my comfort zone but I do worry about not being able to see. I am slowly building up my confidence, so thinking about what I want is not all I do. I am seeing a psychologist as I do suffer from depression and I am trying to learn how to deal with that. I am hoping to get my confidence back and become more self-reliant by moving forward towards getting a job and doing my mobility training. Before I lose all my sight, I would love to say, I have had an adventure. I would love to be able talk about what I had done, what I saw and how good it made me feel.

My family is my strength and without their support I would be scared to face my future. My kids have told me they respect me for doing mobility training with Guide dogs. My daughter has the same eyes disease and I feel bad for that, but I want to make her know there is help out there for us.

I know it will be a challenge on the ship but I think I can do this if I try. I am told the ship has good lighting and with the years of orientation and mobility training from Guide Dogs behind me, I know I will find my way around. I am a happy go lucky person so I am sure I will meet new friends. As the cruise leaves in November which is the month of my birthday, I will also have a reason to celebrate!