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Susan Coates


Susan moved to Australia in 2003 from England. Her oldest daughter (aged 7) was born in 2005. When she was 6 weeks old Susan suffered a haemorraghic stroke which left her with neuropathic pain and right sided weakness and with limited use of her right hand. Her youngest daughter was born in 2008 (4yrs old). In 2010 she found herself taking on the role of a single mum. "It has not been easy but your character definitely grows in difficult times. Every day is a challenge with no central vision but I try to overcome the obstacles. I attend a gym, volunteer at a local church group and try to live a fulfilling life".

Winning Entry

My dream travel adventure would be to take my two daughters to see the beautiful sights of Sydney. As we do not have access to a car we rarely adventure out of Tamworth. In fac, we have never been able to afford a family holiday. I would love to be able to take them by train or plane to Sydney. To stroll along the harbour and visit the Opera House, go to the zoo, swim at the beach, ride on the trains. Do the things that other people do. I long to spend some quality time with my daughters just having fun.

Susan's Travel Blog

Would you like to know how Susan is enjoying her trip? You can follow this cultural adventure via her travel blog