"Summer Love"
by Ann and Robyn

About the Artists

Ann Murray and Robyn Conroy are long-time supporters of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Ann has bred Labradors for more than 40 years and has had a strong bond with several dogs including Summer.

About the artwork

Ann Murray's Art Dog

Summer Love is dedicated to Summer – an extraordinary dog who was a Ambassador Dog for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Summer was first chosen to begin the breeding program for Guide Dogs as she came from successful blood lines that had the qualities needed to be a Guide Dog. Summer finished puppy raising but was not chosen to become a Guide Dog. Because of her happy nature and willingness to please she was chosen for an Ambassador role. Summer was featured in many campaigns and posters, on buses, taxis and railway station billboards. Summer enjoyed her work until her retirement. She had a long happy life until she passed away in 2016. Rest in peace my beautiful friend.