Aphrodite Delaguiado | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

by Aphrodite Delaguiado

About the Artist

Aphrodite Delaguiado is a designer and illustrator who loves to doodle and draw. In 2009, she started a daily drawing / art therapy project, Think Less Draw More, which has evolved into her own creative brand, Drowmore. She has self-published original comics and zines, and was a contributing artist to Doodlers Anonymous’ Epic Colouring Book (published 2015). Aphrodite’s other love is her yellow Labrador named Ziggy who you’ll also see featured in her comics, short films and design projects. Follow Aphrodite’s story (and Ziggy’s adventures) on Instagram @drowmore.

About the artwork

Aphrodite Delaguiado's art dog

Aphrodite's artwork is inspired by Chinese porcelain from the Ming dynasty; it features patterns and scenes hand painted and drawn in cobalt and blue colours. The artwork is an illustration of a Guide Dog’s journey from birth to finding a puppy raising family, training and graduating to become someone’s eyes and companion. This dog is not only a celebration of the Chinese New Year Festival and the Year of the Dog but it is also a tribute to 60 years of great work by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT changing lives for the better.