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Fan Dongwang

About the Artist

Born in Shanghai, China, Fan Dongwang studied traditional Chinese art at Shanghai School of Arts and Crafts (SSAC) in the 1970s and later became an art teacher at SSAC. As an established Shanghai Artist, his work has exhibited regularly in Shanghai art galleries since 1982, including Shanghai Art Museum’s Inaugural Art Exhibition (1986) and Shanghai International Art Festival (1987). In 1990 Fan migrated to Australia as an artist of ‘Distinguished Talent’. He studied a Master of Arts at COFA, University of New South Wales, in 1995, received a Post Graduate Award and completed a Doctor of Creative Art at Wollongong University in 1999. Fan currently lives and works in Sydney.

About the artwork

Fan Dongwang's art dog

2018 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog, whose qualities are loyalty, honesty, sincerity, reliability, compassion, understanding, patience, intelligence, fairness, hardworking, courage, and readiness to help others. My Guide Dog artwork mixes traditional Chinese folk art pattern with Western pop art colour palettes to reflect the happy, celebratory atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Festival, with its auspicious symbolism for prosperity, friendship and protection.