Hawkesbury High School | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

"Positive Paws"
by Hawkesbury High School

About the Artists

Each week, Hawkesbury High School students visit the Guide Dogs Centre to interact with Guide Dog puppies from 2 to 7 weeks of age. Our students work with the puppies with the aim of developing their confidence as well as socialising the puppies. Using a variety of equipment, students encourage the puppies to explore their world using their acute senses of smell, sight, touch and sound. The Positive Paws Project has been very successful, celebrated in Australia and internationally as a world first. Research shows that interacting with a dog for 15-30 minutes can have a calming and relaxing effect on children, enhancing their emotional wellbeing and connection to school. The program helps to develop students’ leadership, nurturing skills, empathy and self-esteem. It is also lots of fun.

About the artwork

Hawkesbury High School's art dog

The Hawkesbury High School painted Guide Dog represents Hawkesbury High School and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s Positive Paws Project. The dog has been painted realistically by students to represent the actual working Guide Dog. The coloured paw prints represent the young puppies that our students work with as well as the mature working Guide Dogs which have been part of our project.