Hyun-Hee Lee | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Hyun-Hee Lee

About the Artist

I was born in Korea and now live in Australia. For that reason I have chosen to use traditional Korean Hanji paper and a text called Hangul as the fundamental elements of my design interpretation for the Guide Dogs art installation.

About the artwork

Hyun-Hee Lee's art dog

Hanji paper has been used since ancient times in Korean culture because of its special properties; even though Hanji is just paper, it is very durable and tough. It is also waterproof and doesn’t rip easily. For these reasons it has been used for covering furniture, sealing floors, making vessels, boxes and screens and is used in the daily lives of Koreans. The Hangul text is the native script of Korea, created in the fifteenth century and originally designed for both Korean and Chinese languages, although now only used by Korea. My design aim with this project is to reflect a greater universal understanding for Guide Dogs by using cultural and traditional elements sourced from my country of birth.