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Karynne Ledger

About the Artist

Karynne is a formally trained artist and comes from a family of artists. She has been a visual artist for as long as she can remember. She often works with Australian nature – particularly birds, as well as food themes, which complements her being a trained chef. She often does more illustrative, detailed works.

About the artwork

Karynne Ledger's art dog

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. Karynne’s painted dog is intended to be faux porcelain (which, being clay, is earth) with Australian native flowers painted around it. The collar has the Chinese zodiac animals, 3D printed and hanging from it, which were created and printed by Karynne. The flowers are pertinent to this land we are on, and are used in remembrance of the Indigenous people who are caretakers of this land. Working on this dog was a brilliant way for Karynne to work with her visual skills for a good cause. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is a wonderful organisation. The importance of the combination of having dogs assist people with vision loss, and them being loyal companions is something very unique. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is an organisation that Karynne strongly endorses and she hopes that these painted dogs will help to create an understanding of the importance of Guide Dogs in the community.