"Guardian Angel"
by Laurens Tan

About the Artist

Laurens Tan’s Three Wise Monkeys lanterns commissioned by the City of Sydney will be featured again this year for the Lunar Lantern Festival at Circular Quay in front of the Toaster. Laurens Tan lives and works in Wollongong, Beijing and Las Vegas, from where he has just returned. He has a year-long curated solo exhibition at the Sahara West Library (ex- Las Vegas Art Museum) and his work has just been acquired by the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art.

About the artwork

Laurens Tan's art dog

Are Guide Dogs Zen Buddhists? No other creature we know seems so generous and giving in spirit to a point of selflessness – providing companionship, support and a lease of freedom to those who had none. All white with angel wings, like a statue of liberty, it portrays a selfless care and seraphic purity. The timely exhibition in the Year of the Dog, gives us the opportunity to pay homage to these angelic souls and to thank the organisation that is responsible for providing such insightful care… a true blessing.