Little Noisy Miner | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

by little noisy miner

About the Artist

The little noisy miner is a little place for cute stationery and simple home decor that feature the drawings of artist Adrina Anwar.

Please note that all dogs have been on display at the Chinese New Year festivities and therefore may have some imperfections. All Art Dogs for sale are available for collection from the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT office in Chatswood at the buyer's expense. Collections can be made during business hours by appointment after full payment has been received.

About the artwork

Little noisy miner's art dog

Meet Echo. An extraordinary Guide Dog with high emotional intelligence and empathy. The word echo may mean repetition of sound but it also means something that is of a close parallel, like a copy, a duplicate, a twin, a match or a mate. Anyone who has a Guide Dog will understand the strong connection and bond they share. They consider their Guide Dog to be their twin, or a mate that is there to help and guide them. The design on Echo is minimalistic and monochromatic, inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of the Tumbling E eye chart. Hence the capital letter E, both large and small, can be seen tumbling all over Echo, literally. Aptly, Echo represents the letter E in the phonetic alphabet. Simple wonky lines hand drawn by little noisy miner 2018.