Paper Moose | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

by Paper Moose

About the Artist

Lolly was created by award winning creative agency, Paper Moose. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT plays a very important part in giving independence to those in need. This is something we at Paper Moose are more than happy to support, and through this project, are more than proud to be involved in.

About the artwork

Paper Moose art dog

This dog was designed by Reese Geronimo. When Reese was a child she was friends with someone named Trisha, who was blind and had a dog named Texas. Whenever Trisha came over to their family home there was celebration in the air; it was a time of festivity, happiness and love as the Geronimo family celebrated an old friend. This piece explores the themes of joy and happiness surrounding these heroic dogs. The use of the brightly coloured baubles expresses the festivity and gratification of the independence that these pups bring into people’s lives. It is an expression of celebration, pride and optimism for those who have been given a chance to lead a fulfilled life.