"Tactile Pooch"
by Ruth Levine

About the Artist

Ruth Levine is a Sydney based mixed media and textile artist who is passionate about the exploration of textures and the perception and tactile responses of 3D artwork through the visual transformation of materials.

About the artwork

Ruth Levine's art dog

This is my tribute to the intelligent and responsible, all seeing Guide Dog. My aim was to combine visual texture with tactile texture, a bond between what the pooch sees (mainly in black and white) and what their handler can feel. The surface treatment consists of photos captured at canine eye level of a walk from my Queens Park studio to Centennial Park, then transferred onto textured fabric. I use recycled and unwanted fabrics in my art practice combined with jean zippers, trimmings, string and knitting. Unlike a real Guide Dog, Tactile Pooch loves to be patted.