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by Sage Software Australia

About the Artist

Goldie is also symbolic of how Sage Software helps millions of businesses around the world grow and prosper. Our technology is used to move more than $5 trillion around the world every year. It’s fair to say we know a bit about the importance of money! We also know how important money is to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. It takes up to two years and costs more than $35,000 to transform a playful puppy into a responsible Guide Dog. We hope meeting Goldie inspires you to give generously so that these Guide Dogs can continue to be provided free of charge to anyone who needs them.

About the artwork

Sage Software Australia's art dog

Decorated with red envelopes or hóngbao (Mandarin) and coins from around the world, Goldie was created to encourage those that meet her to embrace the spirit of giving during the Chinese New Year Festival. In Chinese and other Asian societies, red envelopes traditionally contain a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. The red colour of the envelope symbolises good luck and wards off evil spirits. Gold is traditionally the colour used to symbolise wealth and happiness.