by Scott Driver

Scott Driver's Art Dog "Keith" was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Model Dog Art Installation as part of the City of Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival 2018.

About the artwork

Scott Driver's art dog

Keith was a World War II veteran, who unexpectedly lost half his vision during a heart check-up in 2002. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provided free Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training that allowed him to maintain an active life outside the home. This included hoisting a flag up a flagpole in front of his house every morning and lowering it every evening. With this added confidence, the family soon had to lock up Keith’s power tools and ladders, after he painted the pool fence one afternoon (the quality was laughingly described as ‘camouflage’). A few months later, he took a week to paint the garage and, this time, we could not find any missed spots. When his health deteriorated in 2012, Guide Dogs provided more O&M training and a white-and-red walking stick. This kept him mobile and safe for his visits to doctors, cafes and shops. Keith and his daily flag-raising ritual was the inspiration behind this coin collection dog design.