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Stephanie Chambers

About the Artist

Stephanie Chambers is a New York native living in Sydney. After living in Brooklyn for many years, she escapes into nature every chance she can get to photograph plants and animals to make paintings about. She is an avid birder and snorkeler who has exhibited or licensed work in the USA, Australia, Finland, Germany, Taiwan, Canada and Japan.

About the artwork

Stephanie Chambers' art dog

What does an Australian Guide Dog dream about? Do they dream about the budgies or ibis they might have walked past in the park earlier that day? What about the rivers full of fish they might have walked along or over? Or the fruit they might have smelled at the market? Are their dreams in colour? Dogs can only see blue and yellow and shades in-between so their dreams are in that range, like this painted dog which imagines what native Australian birds, animals, fish, fruit or frogs the Guide Dogs might be dreaming about. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has been assisting Australians with sight loss for 60 years. That’s a lot of dreams from these hard working dogs, and the colourful marks represent the enormity of their service over the years.