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Tianli Zu

About the Artist

Tianli Zu is a Chinese-Australian artist. Best known for her large-scale paper cuts and installation art, Zu is also an accomplished painter. Zu’s art offers viewers an experience of Chinese culture that weaves through history and the contemporary. Zu’s giant Ox lantern is currently on display at the Lunar Lanterns Exhibition.

Please note that all dogs have been on display at the Chinese New Year festivities and therefore may have some imperfections. All Art Dogs for sale are available for collection from the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT office in Chatswood at the buyer's expense. Collections can be made during business hours by appointment after full payment has been received.

About the artwork

Tianli Zu's art dog

In Chinese astrology, the dog is a fun companion and symbolises loyalty and honesty. Multimedia artist, Tianli Zu, communicates these qualities by portraying the dog in a lifelike manner. However, as the dog is a Guide Dog, Zu has created a work that can be seen not only by viewing, but also by touch. To audiences with vision, they will see a dog draped in the Australian flag, burdened with their perceptions of the flag. To audiences that are blind or have low vision, they will see a dog and three colours: red, blue and white. Using braille, Zu attempts to communicate one of the most difficult concepts to convey to such audiences: the concept of colour. The braille reads: attention (red); relax (blue); and swan (white). The work is free from any associations with the Australian flag. The work invites audiences to look beyond the surface of a common and pervasive image, the Australian flag, in search for underlying meaning, challenging the perceptions that manipulate their viewpoint.