Yunn Ru Soo | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

"Shin the spiritual Guide Dog" by Yunn Ru Soo

About the Artist

Through her travelling life as a fashion / commercial model, Yunn Ru has explored a broad range of emotions through different materials and mediums. Self-taught, Yunn Ru began painting as a means of dealing with loneliness and self-communication. She loves experimenting with all types of mediums and techniques. Interested in figure creation and sensation, she brings her own style where emphasis is placed on colours and strokes. Her works combine expressionism and abstract elements. Travelling has broadened her horizons and elevated her view with different eyes, so is also a key influence on her art.

Please note that all dogs have been on display at the Chinese New Year festivities and therefore may have some imperfections. All Art Dogs for sale are available for collection from the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT office in Chatswood at the buyer's expense. Collections can be made during business hours by appointment after full payment has been received.

About the artwork

Yunn Ru Soo's art dog

Shin means faith or genuine in Japanese. He is a spiritual dog who brings colours to life. Shin’s soul is dyed with the colour of his thoughts and unconditional love. The colours and patterns on his body represent his emotions and the joy he shares with his master. He is a faithful friend and is always happy. The colourful dots on the back of Shin symbolise the generosity of kind people who make the world better by donating coins. I hope seeing him will put a smile on your face.