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Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has a range of community training and education programs that help to raise awareness of the needs and rights of people with impaired vision.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our Community Education Co-ordinator on (02) 9412 9300.

Assisting someone with impaired vision

Guide Dogs instructor assisting client on the street, holding cane

Have you ever come across someone with a white cane or a Guide Dog and you didn’t know how, or if you should help? Here are some easy and practical tips.

Community and industry training

Guide Dogs instructor assisting client with cane, holding her arm

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provides education and training sessions to various community, business and industry groups to help make it easier for people with vision impairment to access and get around their community.


Guide dogs client getting in taxi with his Guide Dog- taxi drive holding door open for him

At Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, we work on behalf of our clients with governments, businesses and industry groups to ensure that all buildings, public premises and transport facilities are accessible. Find out how you can improve accessibility for people with vision impairment.

Education campaigns

untapped workforce cover

Our education and awareness campaigns highlight the ongoing issues and barriers people with impaired vision face on a daily basis. Read some of our past campaigns.

Education Resources

Group of school children together with letters LEARN

Download images, kids' activities, and education resources for our Student Education Kit

Book a Guide Dog speaker

Daniel Searle sitting wth his Guide Dog

Our Guide Dog Speakers can be booked for your school, business or community group for an inspiring free talk.