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Book a Guide Dogs Speaker

Are you looking for a free motivational speaker to educate and inspire your class, school, business or community group?

Our Guide Dogs Speakers can provide:

  • A moving account of what it’s like to live with a disability.
  • Education about the role and training of a Guide Dog.
  • An inspiring story that will stay with you forever.

To learn more or to book a speaker, please contact our Speaker Co-ordinator or filling in our enquiry form or email speakers [at]

Meet our Speakers

Angela with her Guide Dog


Born in Ireland, Angela migrated to Australia in 2009. After having received assistance from Irish Guide Dogs throughout her life, she was put in touch with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT upon her arrival. Angela is now working with her fourth Guide Dog Hamish.

Barbara with her Guide Dog


Barbara was born with a vision impairment that has caused her to lose her sight gradually. She spent her early life relying on other people help her get around safely, until she contacted Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Barbara has been working as a Guide Dog Speaker for over twenty years.







Daniel sitting wth his Guide Dog


A country boy from the border town of Barham, Daniel developed a rare eye condition at 16. Daniel, with his Guide Dog Bear by his side, just graduated from Charles Sturt University as a Physiotherapist.









Since early childhood Darcy has suffered from two vision conditions; Myopia and Nystagmus. Since receiving his first Guide Dog Rizzo in 1998, Darcy has not looked back and maintains a very active and independent life with his current Guide Dog Oregon by his side.







Kathryn with her Guide Dog


Kathryn was 24 years old when she collided with a semi-trailer leaving her blind. Before the accident, Kathryn worked in the banking industry as an economist. Kathryn is now a maths tutor, youth mentor, disability advisor and proud advocate of living successfully with vision impairment.







Jo sitting with her Guide Dog


Due to a genetic disease of the cornea called Kerataconus, Jo started to lose her eyesight when she was around 18. Jo has an all-consuming love of animals, especially her Guide Dog, Wiley and has a particular interest in how animals can positively impact the lives of people with disabilities.







Close up photo of Leonie


As busy mum with two young children and her own psychologist practice, Leonie loves to take time out to practice her other passion, public speaking. Leonie says, her life was transformed when her husband encouraged her to get a Guide Dog.








Katie with her Guide Dog


Having completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts/Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong, Katie is currently completing a medical transcription course which she hopes will enable her to transcribe reports for medical specialists.








Matt walking with his Guide Dog


Matt lost his vision at age 17 due to a rare condition called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. He is the president and announcer at 2OCB FM 107.5 radio station in Orange.  Matt says his Guide Dog Bronco, who he lovingly named after his favourite rugby league team, has made a huge difference to the quality of his life.







Allan with his Guide Dog


Allan experienced a gradual deterioration of his vision from age 13 due to Optic Atrophy and was legally blind by 21. He worked for Defence and Navy for 17 years and with Guide Dog Archie by his side, Allan continues to live a very active and independent life.







Rhonda with her Guide Dog


Vision impaired due to Glaucoma and Cataracts, Rhonda has been legally blind since birth.  She has enjoyed an active working life including managing her own Remedial Massage Therapy Clinic. Passionate about the rights of people with a disability, Rhonda also manages her local Vision Support Group. 







Salma with ther Guide Dog


Losing most of her vision at 14 due to Glaucoma and Cataracts, Salma has lost depth and distance perception. With Guide Dog Clare by her side, Salma has recently completed a business course at TAFE.