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Think Before You Park

The campaign Think Before You Park was run to educate motorists about the consequences of parking on or across footpaths for people who are blind or vision impaired.


Think before you park campaign banner

In 2011 two of Sydney’s best known tradesmen called upon on fellow tradies and other motorists to consider where they park in order to avoid posing a risk to pedestrians with impaired vision.

The Two Fat Tradies from the TV show The Block threw their weight behind the Guide

Dogs NSW/ACT Think Before You Park campaign after learning that a survey of people with impaired vision found 77% had been hampered by vehicles blocking footpaths1.

The two tradies starred in a pedestrian safety video developed by Guide Dogs and funded by a $10,000 NRMA Safer Driving School Road Safety grant, which was launched at the time by the NSW Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian.

Facts & Figures

  • In a recent survey 77% of people using a Guide Dog indicated that cars parking across driveways and footpaths were one of the most commonly occurring obstructions.

What are we asking?

We’re appealing to all motorists and tradesmen to ‘think before they park,’ and reduce the risks posed to people with impaired vision. Motorists should take a moment to consider well where they park and resist the temptation to block a footpath, even when there is limited road parking.

Why is this campaign so important?

Encountering a vehicle parked across a footpath is annoying for any pedestrian, but imagine what it’s like for someone who can’t see it. It can force the person into unsafe situations such as having to walk out onto the road. It can also be disorienting, or the person might sustain an injury from objects like ladders protruding from the back of a tradie’s Ute.

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