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Education Campaigns

To help improve the lives of anyone living with vision impairment, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT continuously develops education and awareness campaigns to help engage with the wider community.

Eyes Up

IWCD 2017 Eyes Up campaign

As part of the International White Cane Day 2017, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT launched the Eyes Up education campaign to urge members of the community to look up from their mobile devices when they’re walking to help those who are blind or vision impaired stay safe.

Taking the Lead

A Guide Dog handler walks with his Guide Dog along a sidewalk

As part of the International Guide Dog Day 2017, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT launched the Taking the Lead education campaign which highlights the access rights of Guide Dog handlers.

Don't Delay, Seek Help Today

Don't delay, seek help today banner

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT encourages people who are experiencing issues with their vision to seek support sooner rather than later.

Respect My Uniform

Poster with text 'I'm working. Respect my uniform.' with photo of Guide Dog in harness

On International Guide Dog Day (27 April), Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is urging the public to resist patting or distracting Guide Dogs in harness.

International White Cane Day

On International White Cane Day, Thursday, October 15, Guide Dogs is calling on the community to consider, 'Could you get to work with your eyes closed?'

Guide Dog Discrimination

Its time to end Guide Dog discrimination banner

Even though it’s illegal, Guide Dogs continue to be refused entry into cafés and restaurants.

An Untapped Workforce

Untapped Workforce Campaign Cover

A campaign to help increase the employment rates of people with vision impairment.

Take the Lead

Take The Lead Campaign Banner, small brown dog holding a lead in his mouth

A campaign to help increase the employment rates of people with vision impairment.

Watch Out, Cane About

Watch out about cane about campaign banner

NSW motorists are urged to be more aware of cane users who are trying to cross a road.

Highlighting the services that Guide Dogs NSW/ACT offers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Guiding The Way

Guide Dog Awareness Week Logo and photo of lady in red dress walking black Guide Dog on lead

Setting the record straight on a number of myths and misconceptions about Guide Dogs.

Think Before You Park

Think before you park campaign banner

Car owners and tradesmen are asked to avoid parking over driveways or footpaths.

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

Don't turn a blind eye- footpath instructions banner

An initiative that encourages positive change in the community to make it easier for people with impaired vision to get around independently.

To find out more about these campaigns, please contact our Community Education department on (02) 9412 9300.