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Student Education Kit

This Education Kit helps you learn everything you need to know about Guide Dogs and the work they do.

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It will teach you:

  • How a Guide Dog is raised and trained
  • What you should do when you come across a Guide Dog
  • Some of the common misconceptions surrounding Guide Dogs

If you would like to learn more, you can book one of our free Guide Dog Speakers to come to your school and give children an understanding of  this very important and interesting subject. Find out more

The life of a Guide Dog

Learn in detail the different stages a Guide Dog will go through to become a fully trained, working Guide Dog. Learn about the different training techniques we use and also the important matching process where we ensure a Guide Dog and its new handler make a perfect team.

You can view and download the following files:

  1. Billy the Wonder Pup: The Puppy to Guide Dog Journey
  2. Guide Dog Fact Sheets
  3. Myths and Misconceptions about Guide Dogs

Inspiring Stories

Each of these inspiring stories shows how important a Guide Dog is to its handler. These people give an account of their very personal experiences and how a Guide Dog has enabled  them to live an independent life, regardless of their vision impairment.

  1. Sue-Ellen’s Story
  2. Deb’s Story

Educational Videos

For more videos produced by Guide Dogs, please visit our YouTube Channel