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Canine Court Companion Program (CCCP) Application

Thank you for your interest in Guide Dogs NSW/ACT's Canine Court Companion Program. Please read and complete all pages in this document. Once completed, please forward to: 

Canine Court Companion Program (CCCP)
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT 
PO Box 3104

Fax: 02 4579 7537   Or email to: GDCvolunteer [at]

We advise all applications to read the CCCP Information Booklet before submitting an application. Once you have completed reading the CCCP Information Booklet, please click here to apply or complete the form below. 

Applicant Details

Uniform size (polo short and jacket)

Emergency Contact Information

Skills And Experience

Please Indicate What Volunteer Role Best Suits Your Situation

Fantastic! If you are able to commit to at least 1 day per week at a nominated courthouse and you have the capacity to care for a Therapy dog in your home we would love to have you on board!
If you are able to volunteer as a Therapy dog Handler and you can care for a dog every now (when a full time Host goes on holidays, etc.) then this may suit you.
In the instance you would like to volunteer as a Therapy dog Handler but are unable to Host a dog in your home we may be able to offer an alternative role. If you are willing to commit your time to courthouse visits and are able to collect and securely transport a Therapy dog who is being Hosted by another volunteer to the courthouse then this may be the role for you.
If you Puppy Raised a dog for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and it was deemed unsuitable to be placed with a client in one of our programs due to a minor health or temperament/behavioural concern and you would like to volunteer, please contact us further to discuss.
Although the majority of the dogs used in the CCCP are from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, should you wish to have your dog assessed for the program we would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Preferred Courthouse Location

What is your preferred Courthouse location?

Weekly Courthouse Visit Availability

Which days can you commit to for weekly Courthouse visits for 1.5 hours between 9am – 12pm?

Volunteer Training Applicants

Metro Applicants 

Regional Applicants

Home – Please complete if you will be Hosting or providing temporary care for a Therapy Dog

*Please note that not all of our dogs have been socialised or exposed to cats. If you own a cat there will be a settling period whilst the dog and cat learn to co-exist. This can take weeks to months. **If you own small pets (guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, etc.) please ensure they kept are kept in a dog- safe enclosure.
Have you or any house hold members:

a) been investigated by any government, semi government, administrative, fiscal, judicial or other body, department, commission, authority, tribunal, agency or entity in relation to animal cruelty; or

b) been in breach or alleged to have been in breach of the any legislation or local by-laws relative to the keeping of dogs, cruelty against animals or animal welfare.


Courts can be high stress environments and some encounters may be distressing for various reasons. Not all court users will be comfortable with or want to engage with a Therapy Dog. Additional training will be given to all successful applicants to support their roles. It is important however to consider what impact, if any, attending court may have on your personal wellbeing.

Working With Children Check and National Police Check - Mandatory

Once your application has been approved you will be required to provide current Working With Children Check and National Police Check certificates. On approval you will receive an email containing links so that you can apply online. Full certificates will be required, not just numbers, so that the certificates can be verified as per Victim’s Services requirements.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Staff Safety

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff reserve the right to discontinue service if they feel threatened or unsafe at any time.


On occasion Guide Dogs NSW/ACT or Victim Services NSW may seek stories and information for promotional purposes. Would you be prepared, if asked, to give permission to use and distribute the following mediums of you: photographic, video, audio, printed material?

Privacy Policy

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is committed to protecting the personal information of our clients, members, donors, supporters, customers and other individuals we deal with. We recognise that individuals have a right to control how their personal information is handled. Providing personal information is an act of trust that we take seriously.

Personal information is information about you, such as your name, contact details and records of your dealings with us. Personal information may in some cases include sensitive information, such as health information or membership of a professional or trade association.

Our privacy policy sets out our approach to the management of personal information. Subject to privacy law, you can have access to and seek correction of your personal information, as set out in our privacy policy. Our privacy policy sets out how to opt out of receiving our marketing communications. Our privacy policy also contains information about how you can make a complaint about privacy.

For more details please see our full policy on


I understand that Guide Dogs NSW/ACT assesses all applications on the merit of each case and has the right to determine the suitability, or not, for applicants to be allocated a Therapy Dog as a Host or become a Therapy Dog Handler.

I agree that all information provided is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand my information will be kept confidential and is protected by the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Privacy Policy.

By typing in your full name below and submitting this form, you verify that all information you provided in this form is true and accurate.