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Puppy Raiser / Temporary Carer Responsibilities


  • To treat all Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff, fellow Puppy Raisers and Temporary Carers, Volunteers, members of the general public, and our pups and dogs, with respect and kindness, at all times.
  • Respond to communications in a timely manner, including emails, phone calls, and invitations to Training and Education Sessions.
  • Adhere to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT policies.

Home Environment

  • To do their utmost to ensure the safety of the pup whilst in their care, both at home and when out socialising. This includes ensuring that the pup is on leash, or in a secure fenced-off area when outdoors.
  • Ensure the pup has adequate shelter to provide protection from weather conditions, and provide fresh clean water for the pup.  
  • Do not leave the pup home alone for more than 4 hours a day, unless previously approved by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff (generally only for older pups).
  • Notify Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff if the pup temporarily changes locations (e.g. if the pup is holidaying with you, or left with a family member while you are on holidays).
  • Allow the pup to become part of your family, interacting with household members, and becoming your shadow for the next 12 months. 

Pup’s Health and Physical Development

  • Monitor the pup’s health, and report any concerns to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff.
  • Administer preventative and prescription veterinary treatments as directed by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT staff, or an external Veterinarian.
  • Ensure that the pup remains at a suitable and healthy weight and body condition.
  • Exercise and walk the pup regularly (this should typically be daily).
  • Establish good toileting, feeding, and sleeping routines.

Pup’s Behavioural Development

  • Attend scheduled Education Sessions (generally 3 over the course of a year).
  • Adhere to the concepts, techniques, and guidelines as established by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT regarding handling, training, and socialisation of pups.
  • Attend regular Training Sessions with the pup. These sessions are generally held on a weekly basis for the first 2 months, and then progress to fortnightly sessions.  
  • Teach the pup basic dog skills (such as sit, walking nicely on lead, and body handling).
  • Teach the pup good house manners (such as staying off the furniture and counters), and social skills (such as greeting people politely and settling quietly).
  • Regularly socialise and expose the pup to a variety of environments and experiences in a positive manner, enabling the development of a confident, well-mannered Guide Dog.

Please note that failure to abide by these Puppy Raising / Temporary Carer Responsibilities may result in Guide Dogs NSW/ACT rehoming the pup.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Responsibilities

  • Staff will treat all Puppy Raisers, Temporary Carers, Volunteers, and members of the general public with respect and kindness at all times.
  • Staff will treat all pups and dogs with respect and kindness, using current, up-to-date training methods, which evolve as new techniques arise.
  • The pup’s welfare will always be first and foremost. Staff will provide suitable training advice for each individual pup, based on their comfort and capabilities, to ensure a positive learning experience for the pup.
  • Educate and teach Puppy Raisers the concepts, techniques, and guidelines as established by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT regarding handling, training, and socialisation of pups.
  • To monitor and oversee the pup’s ongoing health and development.
  • To provide veterinary treatment, including flea and tick, heartworm, and worming preventions, and cover the cost for reasonable external consultations or treatments at authorised Veterinary Clinics.
  • Provide Puppy Raisers with ongoing support throughout the Puppy Raising period, including regular training sessions, emails, and phone calls.
  • Notify Puppy Raisers when it is time for the pup to return for assessment and training.
  • Provide Puppy Raisers with updates about the progress of the pup in training.
  • Invite Puppy Raisers to graduation if the pup raised graduates into one of our Programs.