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Rehoming a Guide Dog

Due to the exceptionally high standards required for Guide Dog work, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT continually needs welcoming and caring families, or individuals, to rehome both retired and re-classified dogs.

Why is a Guide Dog retired?

Once a Guide Dog begins to show signs of ageing, it is time for the handler to decide if the dog should be retired, and if so where it will spend its twilight years. Some handlers will keep their dog as a family pet. Others will choose to leave the dog in the care of a family member or a friend, or even with the dog’s original Puppy Raiser. Another option for these retired Guide Dogs is to find a new loving home with one of the many families or individuals on our Rehoming Waiting List.

What happens to the dogs that don’t make it?

Due to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT commitment to producing quality Guide Dogs, our dogs are continuously assessed throughout the training process to determine if they are suitable for the demanding guiding role.

Our success rate of producing qualified Guide Dogs is consistently improving.

Naturally, not every dog fulfils its destiny of becoming a Guide Dog due to unavoidable factors including health and temperament.

Dogs that fail to meet our standard are withdrawn from the program and re-classified for alternative careers. Some will be rehomed with families or individuals from our Rehoming Waiting List.

Apply to rehome a dog

By rehoming a retired or re-classified dog, you will help reward these special dogs for all of the work they have done in the past and give them the chance to live out their days in a caring and loving household.

Please note: Due to overwhelming response to our Rehoming Waiting List, we are temporarily closing applications for the program. We will reopen the application process in the near future so please continue to check back with this page. We thank you for your patience and continued support.