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Leave a gift to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in your Will

You can leave a gift to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in your Will by using the correct wording, mentioned below, in your Will to notify your intended donation.

The Gift of a Guide Dog

Have you ever wondered how a Guide Dog can transform someone's life?

When Liz began to lose her sight at age 33 it left her feeling anxious, uncertain and alone. It's only through a generous gift that a supporter left to Guide Dogs in their Will that Liz was matched with her beloved Guide Dog, Poppi.

Now, with Poppi by her side, Liz is no longer afraid to leave her house or catch public transport; simple tasks that we take for granted.

Your gift can transform someone's life

A gift in your Will is the greatest commitment that you can make to help Australians with vision loss.

In fact, did you know that two out of every three Guide Dogs are made possible thanks to people like you, who have left a bequest to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in their Will?

It costs over $50,000 and two years to breed, raise and train one Guide Dog and it’s only through these life-changing gifts that these amazing Guide Dogs continue to be matched at no cost to those who rely on them to lead an independent life.

Over the years, these types of gifts have helped thousands of Australians with vision loss to live a life that they choose.

So whether large or small a gift in your Will is greatly valued because it ensures that when someone loses their sight, they don’t lose their freedom and independence as well.

More information

Would you like to know more about leaving a gift to Guide Dog in your Will?

Request an information pack now or contact Sally Biles on 02 9412 9319 or email sbiles [at]

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Correct wording for a gift to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

It is important to use the correct wording to ensure that your gift is received by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Here, you will find the correct wording to use in your Will

Inform us of your gift

We would love to know that you have included Guide Dogs in your Will, so that we can discuss any wishes you may have and give you the option of having your name inscribed in our book of honour.

We would like to be able to thank you personally and invite you to attend one of our Guide Dogs Graduation Days or a regional event.  You can let us know by calling Sally Biles on 02 9412 9319 or email sbiles [at]

Change the lives of the vision impaired by leaving a gift to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is a wonderful way to positively impact the lives of the vision impaired. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and be put to use of empowering people with vision loss to actively participate in their communities and gain back their independence. If you have any questions in regards to leaving a gift in your Will you can contact us here or give us a call on 02 9412 9300.