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A letter from Beth to you

The White family with Beth's Guide Dog QueenieI’m frightened. My three children are going blind like me.

Yet something even more frightening awaits …

For a time, it seemed our kids Kathryn, Samuel and Matthew would be fine but when Samuel turned five, I noticed little things that reminded me of what happened to me.

A specialist confirmed Samuel was going blind. Worse was to come. I had more tests on my sight showing I had been misdiagnosed. I did not have Retinitis Pigmentosa as initially thought, but a genetic disorder so rare it does not even have a name. My disorder means our children will go blind.

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There are no words for the guilt I feel.

Samuel is losing his sight the fastest. He wanted to be a pilot and dreamed of going to the moon. Samuel’s dreams are different now: “Mum, I just want to see the stars again.”

Matthew, our youngest is a speed demon on his motor bike; I choke up when I think of him blind.

There are days when we fall apart. All we can do is hold on to each other. Each day the kids show us how bravely they will cope when they eventually lose their sight.

Kathryn told one of her teachers:

“I don’t want anyone to think I can’t do something. My mum’s shown me anything is possible.”

My Guide Dogs have given me the freedom to take on the world, and we want that same freedom for our kids.

That’s what frightens me most.

I know that only one in four people who need a Guide Dog have one.

Does that mean because I have a Guide Dog, my kids will miss out?

I know too that Guide Dogs receive only 2% of its funding from the Government and so have to rely on the kindness of the public.

That’s why they need people like you.

We thank you with all our hearts for what you will do for families like ours.

As our children’s sight is lost, you help us find freedom. Nothing could be worth more.

Thank you.


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