Moving as One Appeal | Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Together we can transform
sight lost into freedom found

More Australians than ever before are losing their sight.

We need to take action now.

We as a community can no longer stand by as more people experience sight loss.

This is why Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is launching the most important community action in our history, the Moving as One Appeal. With your help we can make sure no-one misses out on the freedom a Guide Dog can give.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has the purpose, the passion, the people. What we need now is you, so together we can transform sight lost into freedom found.

Our challenge

Every day, 28 Australians are diagnosed with uncorrectable sight loss.

In NSW and the ACT alone, 122,000 people live with sight loss.

Three out of four people with sight loss who need a Guide Dog don't have one.

Our vision

Everyone in NSW and the ACT whose life would be transformed by having a Guide Dog will have one.

Our mission

Moving as one, we must work together so no one with sight loss need miss out on Guide Dogs’ support.

Within the next 10 years, with your support and commitment, we will:

Increase puppy breeding from 200 to 300 puppies per year
Each pup must be bred with 50 specific health and behavioural traits to be an ideal Guide Dog candidate.

Increase the current 26 breeding females to 50
Each breeding female must be retired after three years to ensure their health and well-being.

House up to 300 young dogs for assessment
Three additional kennels will be needed to house our dogs-in-training. Our team of skilled kennel staff must also more than double.

Double the number of Guide Dog Mobility Instructors and Trainers
Training each new Guide Dog Mobility Instructor takes at least five years and requires an appropriate Bachelor Degree. Our Guide Dog Trainers must also develop their specialist skills over years.

More than double the community Puppy Raiser volunteers
Trained volunteers are essential for our pups. This also requires doubling Puppy Raiser support staff from seven to 10.

Increase the number of our working Guide Dogs from 250 to over 500
Each Guide Dog is carefully matched with a potential handler to ensure that the dog is well-suited to the handler's needs and lifestyle. The handler and their Guide Dog undergo another five weeks of training with our Orientation & Mobility Instructor so the pair can learn how to work together.

"There are two
ways of spreading light:
to be the candle...
or the mirror that reflects it."

EDITH WHARTON, novelist & designer