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Bentley loves the outdoors

by Hollie Hemsworth, 4 October 2016

Bentley sitting on a garden pavement
A throwback to when Bentley started to explore Stephanie's garden

Rain, hail or shine Bentley loves going outside.

Whether it’s walking out to the letter box or going for a stroll – he doesn’t care, as long as he is allowed to join in.

Bentley has learnt how to sleep in his bed by himself without being convinced with delicious treats. He has even learnt to put himself to bed, just like the big dogs do at the Guide Dog Centre in Glossodia.

Bentley is getting bigger each and every week. His two meals a day, one cup in the morning and one cup at night is keeping him very energetic. When he is feeling peckish, instead of complaining, he sits beside his bowl patiently and pouts.

Socialising is Bentley’s favourite part of training. Stephanie has raised many puppies for Guide Dogs and she feels as though Bentley’s playfulness and character is one of a kind. She is amazed at how quick he is at learning, which is very exciting.

(As published in Hills Shire Times)