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Hanging out with brother and sis

by Hollie Hemsworth, 18 October 2016

Bentley with VossThe warmer weather wouldn’t dare slow Bentley down. If anything, he is as active as ever.

This week Bentley met his sister Bridie. They hadn’t seen each other since leaving the Guide Dog Centre when they were eight weeks old. They ran around the backyard like a bunch of headless chooks having plenty of fun and getting up to all sorts of trouble.

Bentley is now a big strong boy. He is on two cups of kibble in the morning and one cup at night. It’s a big difference from his three meals a day he used to have with his brothers and sisters, along with his mother’s milk when at the Guide Dog Centre.

From seeing new things, learning to play with his litter mates, walking on different surfaces and getting used to being picked up by both staff and volunteers at the breeding centre, Bentley's main focus now is learning recall. This is a very important skill to learn as it ensures that dogs always come to their owners when called upon. Bentley is moving along well with this new skill.

Bentley's relationship with his puppy raising family is growing stronger each and every day. He also enjoys hanging out with Voss, who is also staying with his puppy raising family.

(as published in Hills Shire Times)