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Playful pup’s love of shoes shines through

by Hollie Hemsworth, 23 August 2016

Bentley laying down on a blanket and playing with a plush toy

Behind that cute and loveable persona is Bentley’s true personality. The would-be guide dog is a little pooch who has a love for shoes.

This week Bentley has discovered how much fun it is to run away with puppy raiser Stephanie’s shoe in his mouth, tearing down the hallway, his tail wagging with delight.

At puppy preschool last week, he learnt a variety of different commands, which included “lie down”, “upstand” and “find your mat”. Stephanie has been excited to continue his training at home, to steer him away from his shoe fetish.

Being the superstar that he is, he thoroughly enjoys using his brain in a positive way, which is such a relief!

As the weeks have gone by, Bentley has been slowly introduced to his soon-to-be backyard pal, Dexter. As Bentley continues to grow, he will spend more and more time with him, soon becoming backyard buddies for the remainder of the year.

(as published in Hills Shire Times)