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Ready to take a leap

by Hollie Hemsworth

Bentley in a ball pit

There is nothing cuter than bouncy Bentley playing in the new ball pit at the Guide Dog Training Centre in Glossodia. This Guide Dog puppy is busy eating, playing and getting used to having collars and harnesses on.

As a young pup it can take a little while to get used to the feeling of a collar and being led on a lead. Both staff and volunteers like to make it a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

At almost 2kg, Bentley is growing into a very strong boy. At this rate his volunteer Puppy Raisers will have their hands full when they pick him up in two weeks time.

Guide Dogs NSW is extremely thankful to all the puppy raising families, who play a very important role to giving each pup the best chance to become a Guide Dog or Pets As Therapy dog. Guide Dogs NSW is always on the look out for volunteers including people for the puppy-raising program. Puppy raisers are required to look after a guide dog puppy for at least 12 months before they start their training.