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Toilet training is serious business

by Hollie Hemsworth, 9 August 2016

Bentley laying down on the floor and chewing on a toy

Throughout this week, Bentley the black Labrador puppy has shown puppy raiser Stephanie his bubbly and curious personality.

Being his second week with the O'Hara family, they are still learning new things about each other.

At night time, Stephanie has to carry a torch outside with her to find where he has disappeared to. Most of the time he is hiding in the bushes, making very scary rustling noises in the dark.

Every time Bentley goes to the toilet, Stephanie is sure to say, "Quick, quick." This will teach him that when Stephanie says these words he is expected to try and toilet. This command makes it easier to toilet train the little pup, especially at night time before he sleeps in his blanket-filled crate.

Ultimately, the family describes Bentley Boo as a simple, playful pup. Like many dogs he loves laying in the sunshine and rolling around in the grass.

In two weeks, Bentley will get his puppy immunisation. This is a milestone as it means he can start his training with his chosen puppy raising officer from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

As far as obedience goes, Bentley and Stephanie have had many stubborn conversations about what she wants him to learn. Bentley is determined that he is far too cute to train for too long. He wants to continue being a cheeky puppy, as long as he can get away with it.

(as published in the Hills Shire Times, 9 August 2016)