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Young pup gets old hand to guide way

by Hollie Hemsworth

Stephanie and Bentley

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has selected university student Stephanie O’Hara as Bentley’s puppy raiser. Bentley is the latest in a long line of 11 other puppies she has raised.

Staff at the Guide Dogs Centre happily call Stephanie a ‘Senior Puppy Raiser’. Her first puppy-raising experience was with Herbie in 2001 who made it as a Pets As Therapy Dog.

Bentley is as bouncy as ever, and his favourite pastime is venturing out in his new garden. The hardest task is keeping up with him! He has already taken a liking to chewing small rocks and digging, so Stephanie is certainly kept busy when he’s not having long naps.

The best thing about puppies, like babies, is that they are easily entertained. Bentley’s favourite toy is a bottle which has rice inside it; he loves the noise it makes when he tumbles around with it. Every feeding time he has large conversations with his food bowl as well.

We are pleased to see that Bentley is coming into his own, and settling into his new home. Over the next few weeks, Bentley will start to learn how to behave appropriately in his new house, with the main focus being toilet training! He is Stephanie and her family’s 12th pup and they can already see promising traits in our little boy.

(as published in Hills Shire Times)