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12 January, 2015

Accessible Voting

iVote website screenshot

The iVote® system is a form of voting using internet or telephone.

In the next NSW State Election in March 2015, the iVote® system will be offered as an alternate voting option to enable people who may have difficulty casting a vote at a polling place or voting independently. Electors can vote using their computer or telephone from anywhere they choose: work, home, on a mobile phone, anywhere.

The iVote® system is available to people on the NSW Electoral roll:
who are blind or have low vision;

  • Have literacy needs
  • With a disability
  • Who live in remote locations; or
  • Who will be outside NSW on election day

Steps in voting with the iVote® system using a computer or telephone.

If you do not have access to internet or just prefer to use the telephone, you can vote using the phone keypad via an automated system, or speak to a call centre operator to assist you through the stages.

1. Register

  • Confirm that you are on the electoral roll
  • Provide a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Say where you want you iVote® number to be sent e.g. SMS Text, email or phone

2. Vote

  • Enter your PIN and iVote® number
  • Select you choices for Legislative Assembly
  • Select your choices for Legislative Council
  • Check your selections
  • Submit your vote
  • You will get a receipt number

3. Check

  • You can use the telephone verification service during the election period to confirm your vote has been captured correctly.
  • After the election you can use your receipt number to check that your vote has been included in the count.

Registrations for the iVote® system will open mid February 2015.

A feature of the iVote® system is the ability for a voter to save a partially completed vote and return at a later time to complete their vote.

The iVote® system's development has been reviewed at all stages with security in mind to ensure that it both improves trust and increases transparency. Both data security and voter privacy are maintained by strong governance and independent review.

The iVote® system has been designed to ensure that nobody can ever know how an elector voted. The vote is stored securely in an encrypted format and cannot be linked with the voter's identity.

NSW Electoral Commission encourages questions and comments about the iVote® system to Toni.Richards [at]