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04 April, 2016

Falls prevention class for seniors with vision loss

Guide Dogs clients participating in balance exercises with chairs as a way of preventing falls

April 'falls' day

With Australia's ageing population expected to face health challenges that could impact their independence, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT celebrated Aprils Falls Day last Friday with a falls prevention class at Chatswood Library.

The April Falls class was a follow up session for Guide Dogs clients with vision impairment who graduated from a previous falls prevention program called 'Stride Out Safe & Steady'. It allowed the participants to share their experiences with others, particularly which safety tips and exercises they have found useful in their daily lives.

"One safety tip that I've put into practice is taking my time when getting out of bed. This has helped me orient myself and get my balance so I don't fall over when I get up," one participant said.

The April Falls class also gave Guide Dogs Orientation and Mobility Specialists the opportunity to conduct falls risk assessments on the participants.

"It's important for clients to know their limits," said Orientation and Mobility Specialist Ying-Wah Wan, who organised the class.

The Aprils Falls class is also a reminder that the 'Stride Out Safe & Steady' program for 2016 will commence this Friday, 8 April. This free program is comprised of multiple practical and inspirational advice sessions on how to reduce the risks of falls through a combination of specifically tailored exercises.

"The Stride Out Safe & Steady program aims to enable seniors having trouble getting around safely due to vision loss to reduce the risk of falls and fall injury by re-building their mobility safety and confidence. This will allow them to maintain their independence in doing day-to-day activities," said Ying-Wah Wan.