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17 July, 2015

Guide Dogs graduate

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Please meet Wanetta, Viking, Wayne, Kari and Dee Bee. Five amazing dogs who through your support have just graduated as Guide Dogs.

"I'm so proud of these five very special dogs. They've worked so hard with me over the past five months and I know each of them are going to make their new handlers very, very happy" Alli, Guide Dog Instructor.

It has cost over $35,000 to breed, raise and train each of these Guide Dogs, a feat which could not be achieved without the wonderful support from people like you.

These five Guide Dogs are going to completely change the lives of their new handlers, providing them with independence, confidence and love for many years to come.

Thank you for making this possible.

From all of us at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Your Latest Guide Dog Graduates

Wanetta the Guide Dog


Wanetta thrives on being the centre of attention, you could say she's the social butterfly of the group. She is very affectionate, playful and loves a pat from everyone. She is a studious little dog and always works hard to do what is asked of her. She has a lovely nature and is always trying hard to please.

Viking the Guide Dog


Viking enjoys having a play in the morning which prepares him for a big day of working. He also loves nothing more than putting his harness on and tackling a challenging day's work. Viking is going to make a very reliable, confident Guide Dog - as long as he continues to get his favourite treats!

Wayne the Guide Dog


Wayne always put a smile on his Instructors face as he attempted to sit up straight trying to say "pick me, pick me" with his very serious face. Wayne is Mr Reliable and never worries about learning new skills or facing new challenges. He loves playing with his sister, Wanetta, who's also graduating.

Kari the Guide Dog


Kari is full of life and was always looking to have fun with her classmates. She had no issue with trying to get a belly rub no matter where she was during training! Kari always worked hard to get a treat reward and is fearless at working in new areas. She loves hanging out with her buddy Viking.

Dee Bee the Guide Dog


Dee Bee is full of enthusiasm. Each morning she bounced down to the social pen, eager to play a game of ball. Dee Bee worked really well during her training walks but given half a chance, she'd have a little sniff along the way. Dee Bee is certainly the cheeky one of the bunch but she's also a dedicated worker.