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03 February, 2016

How a Will changed two lives

Liz walking on a footpath with her Guide Dog, Poppi

Generous gift brings Liz and Poppi together

Two years ago, when a degenerative eye disease began to profoundly affect her sight, Liz was left feeling uncertain and anxious.

"I lost a lot of self-confidence and was afraid to leave the house," she said. While Liz received Orientation and Mobility training with a cane from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, she never fully regained her confidence.

"Even with my cane, I struggled a lot in public areas. I still found catching public transport really quite frightening."

Eventually, Liz requested a Guide Dog and was matched, free of charge, with a beautiful blond Labrador named Poppi.

It cost more than $35,000 and took two years to breed, raise and train Poppi from a gorgeous Labrador pup into a fully working Guide Dog.

This amazing journey was made possible through a generous gift that a supporter left to Guide Dogs NSW/ACT in their Will. In fact, currently two out of every three Guide Dogs are made possible through these life-changing gifts.

With Poppi by her side, Liz's confidence has grown exponentially.

"I love that Poppi is such an energetic dog. She demands to leave the house, which has helped a lot with my self-confidence," Liz said. "But she's also incredibly affectionate, which has helped with my anxiety.

"Sometimes she just comes over and puts her head on my lap. She's been such a great support."

Poppi has been able to give Liz the gift of self-confidence. For Liz, having a Guide Dog means not being afraid to leave the house or catch public transport; simple tasks that we often take for granted.

So when you next review your Will please consider Guide Dogs, Australia's most trusted charity. The generous gift left in a Will helps to train more amazing Guide Dogs like Poppi and ensure that when someone loses their sight, they don't lose their freedom and independence as well.