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08 August, 2016

Meet the August 2016 Guide Dog graduates

Photo of the six graduates, sitting in a row on grass

Meet Huey, Mack, Mattie, Keith, Voss, and Tia  ̶  six amazing dogs, who, through the help of supporters and volunteers, have graduated as Guide Dogs.

The new graduates were presented with their Guide Dogs harness at a graduation ceremony held at the Guide Dogs Centre in Glossodia. The ceremony was attended by donors, puppy raisers, and trainers, and was broadcast live via Facebook.

It has taken over two years and over $35,000 to breed, raise and train each of the Guide Dog graduates  ̶   a journey made possible by the wonderful support of people like you. These new Guide Dogs are now ready to assist people with vision impairment by providing them with independence and confidence.

Meet the new Guide Dog graduates

Photo of Huey


Huey is an outstanding student. He learns his lessons quickly and works well in complex city routes. When the harness is off, this playful and happy boy loves to tease his buddies with toys. He looks forward to working in the city and doing a lot of travelling.

Photo of Keith


As the eldest in the group, Keith is the well-behaved one. He and his best friend, Mack, are the quietest pair in the kennels. Keith is reliable, attentive, and always checking up on his handler. He is a very careful guide.

Photo of Mack


Mack is the one who starts the running games. He likes chasing his mates and getting everyone to chase him. He may be the most playful in the group, but when it's time to work Mack impresses with his remarkable guiding skills.

Photo of Mattie


Always busy and looking for things to do, Mattie is a high-achiever and a fast-paced traveller. She enjoys going out, especially to cafés and restaurants. She loves a belly rub and will lean on you to ask for a pat.

Photo of Tia


Tia has developed from a nervous pup into a beautiful and matured lady. She is very loyal and does well on one-on-one activities. Tia is a soft and gentle walker who enjoys travelling. Her favourite reward is a good chest rub.

Photo of Voss


Voss is "the boss" - he is confident and is very focused on his work. He progressed well in his training and has developed good listening skills. He is attentive to his handler and highly observant. Voss is Huey's best mate.