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28 August, 2018

Meet the Puppy Raisers: Louise and Sam

Puppy Raisers Louise and Sam holding their second Guide Dog Puppy Kingsley

Photo Shows: Louise and Sam with their second Guide Dog Puppy, Kingsley

Oral Health Therapist Louise and Owner of Plumbing Company Sam are a newly wedded couple that have always had pet dogs growing up and talked about having a dog of their own. After tying the knot last year, they became fur-parents by volunteering as Puppy Raisers for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and are now raising three–month–old Kingsley.

Kingsley is the second Guide Dog puppy they’ve raised together and the love and care that they provide allow these pups to go on and change people’s lives forever.

This week we caught up with Louise and Sam to hear about their experience as Puppy Raisers.

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What made you decide to become Puppy Raisers?

We first heard about Puppy Raising when we were visiting a winery in the Hunter Valley. A mother and her daughter introduced us to their three-month-old Guide Dog puppy, Bonnie, and told us about the Guide Dogs Puppy Raising Program and the shortage of Puppy Raisers.

We both thought it would be a great idea to help out and so we applied online through the website. On March 29, 2017 we met our first Guide Dog puppy Teddy, who was only 7 weeks old.  

Puppy Raisers Louise and Sam holding their first Guide Dog Puppy Teddy
Photo shows: Louise and Sam with their first Guide Dog Puppy, Teddy.

What is it like being a Puppy Raiser?

Sam: Teddy would come to work with me approximately 3 days a week and he would ride along in the cab of my ute. It was fantastic having my little mate next to me who was always happy and adorable. Customers loved him and my employees and office staff treated him so well and would always ask “Where’s Ted the supervisor today?”

Having a Guide Dog puppy allows you to appreciate how blessed we are to firstly have perfect sight and secondly to be able to Puppy Raise as it is highly enjoyable, very rewarding, and turns you into a more patient and loving person.

Louise: I attend training classes every Thursday with Kingsley so we normally start off our mornings with breakfast and cuddles, then hop into the car and arrive to our lesson.

They normally go for an hour, so afterwards we like to do some more walks together mixed with lots of play time. Kingsley likes to come shopping with me as well to do the groceries.

Tell us about the puppy you are currently raising

The puppy that we are currently raising, Kingsley, is a three–month–old yellow boy Labrador and he is absolutely adorable! We have had him for a couple of weeks now and he brings so much joy, laughter, energy and love to our household! It’s a nice feeling to have them when they are still a puppy, then to watch them grow and turn into a confident, clever and loyal dog over the year that you Puppy Raise.  

What has been your favourite Guide Dog Puppy Raising moment so far?

With Teddy, it was our weekend walks down at the beach front. We would stop along the way for cuddles and sometimes have a picnic and a swim! Teddy enjoyed the outdoors but he also loved having a snooze at home and some cuddles while watching TV.

So far with Kingsley, we have done a couple of training classes with him and already watching him learn new tricks is very exciting to see! He’s a highly intelligent puppy and were enjoying having lots of cuddles and puppy play time with him!

Would you recommend Guide Dog Puppy Raising to others?

Yes, we strongly recommend you apply for the Puppy Raising Program if you meet the requirements.

It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that you have contributed and helped raise the pup in a loving, safe, caring environment. You feel proud of them when they return to the Guide Dog Centre for their training knowing that you’ve helped them get that far!

Are you interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser? Find out more information here: 

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