Five Guide Dogs are laying down in a row on grass

Meet Pamela, Tulip, Pac, Nea, and Sally – five amazing dogs, who, through the help of supporters and volunteers, have graduated as Guide Dogs.

The new graduates were presented with their Guide Dogs harness at a graduation ceremony held at the Guide Dogs Centre in Glossodia. The ceremony was attended by donors, sponsors, puppy raisers, and trainers, and was broadcast live via Facebook.

It has taken over two years and over $35,000 to breed, raise and train each of the Guide Dog graduates – a journey made possible by the wonderful support of people like you. These new Guide Dogs are now ready to assist people with vision impairment by providing them with independence and confidence.

Meet the new Guide Dog graduates


Pamela is calm and attentive. When it comes to work, she gives it her all. She guides with care and has good drive to work any conditions. Pamela is a lovable character who enjoys spending time with her sister Sally and her class buddy Pac.


Sally is always eager to learn new skills. She excels at targeting destinations. She is sociable and playful. Whilst not working, Sally enjoys finding and gathering sticks for her trainer, and free running with her mates.


Pac is a very active girl who displays true grit and determination during both work and play. She is a very willing worker who craves one-on-one attention. Pac is always ready for action and enjoys chewing on her favourite enrichment toy.


Nea enjoys the challenges of day-to-day work and does it with a spring in her step. She is an active and affectionate girl who makes a great companion. Nea enjoys hanging out with the entire class in the grass runs.


Tulip displays nice all-round skills. Everyone in the kennels like her because of her affectionate and cheeky nature. She enjoys belly rubs and gentle scratches under her chin. She also has a knack of finding muddy holes in the free grass run.