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Sight lost, freedom found

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There’s very little scarier than gradually seeing the world in front of you turn darker and darker.

“Knowing I’ll have a little bit less sight every day, and then eventually none, is really frightening,” says Liz.

Liz has always been a healthy and active young woman, enjoying coffee with friends and shopping, until Retinis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease, began to steal her sight – and steal the life she loved.

In the months after her diagnosis, the anxiety and fear of an unknown future hit Liz the hardest.

“When I first began to lose my sight, I was in denial. It didn’t seem real because it happened so gradually. Catching public transport was one of the most terrifying things. If I managed to get on the train, I would just cry. I eventually stopped leaving the house.”

But the generosity of people like you allowed us to train a puppy named Poppi to become a Guide Dog.

Two years after Liz’s diagnosis, Poppi and Liz met for the first time. That was the moment Liz’s life changed.

Poppi was skilled and proficient, ready to devote herself entirely to Liz, and give her back what she had lost – her freedom. It takes two years and over $50,000 to raise and train a Guide Dog like Poppi.

“She’s so confident and that rubs off on me. She’s really changed how I feel in the world. I never thought I would have my freedom again, but I have… because of Poppi.”

Please take the time to make a donation today. Your kindness can start a friendship and bond as strong as Liz and Poppi’s – and provide someone like Liz with the gift of freedom.  

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