Assisting a person with low vision or blindness

People with low vision sometimes require assistance to move through certain situations.

There are a variety of guiding practices that apply to different scenarios, but good verbal communication is always key. Find out more about how you can assist people with low vision and blindness through:

  • Providing directions
  • Assisting with orientation
  • Communication
  • Useful techniques in the workplace.

Learn more about Assisting Someone

Guide Dogs staff member and client sitting on a park bench with Guide Dog next to them.

Guide Dog Access and Etiquette

A person with their Guide Dog is allowed access in all public places.

Find out where Guide Dogs can go, why, and how to interact with a Guide Dog if you see one in the community.

Learn about Guide Dog Access and Etiquette

Golden Guide Dog walking through a shopping complex with a person with low vision.

Training information for Puppy Raisers

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT has been raising and training puppies to be world-class Guide Dogs for over 60 years.

If you’re a Puppy Raiser, read tips and techniques from our Puppy Raiser Manual to support your pup’s training journey.

Read our puppy training information

A yellow female Labrador, with her young pup, both laying on a sofa with the sunlight on their faces.

Client Speakers

Do you want to hear about the first hand experiences of living with a disability from one of our inspiring speakers?

Learn about Guide Dog Client Speakers

One of our current speakers sat outside with her arms around her yellow Guide Dog.