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Who your support helps

Coral sits on a bench in a park

Coral's story

“Having a cane gave me back the confidence and independence I lost staying at home."

Matt McLaren with his Guide Dog Stamford

Matt's story

“I’m living my life exactly the way I want to, and I want others to know that they can too.” 

Luke's story

“The most important skill Guide Dogs has taught me is to be able to learn how to get somewhere on my own.”

Salma's story

"When Guide Dogs introduced me to the Trekker Breeze, I got my confidence back straight away.”

Image of Liz walking down a footpath with her Guide Dog Poppi

Liz & Poppi's Story

“I love that Poppi is such an energetic dog… She’s been such a great support”

Helen's story

“My doctor was very glad when I got in contact with Guide Dogs!”

Young child Lachlan hugging is PAT dog Kody

Lachlan & Kody's Story

"Before we had Kody, Lachlan had limited speech. Now, all he talks about is his dog!"

Image of D'Arcy smiling at the camera

D'Arcy's Story

"My Guide Dog Oregan gives me the freedom to enjoy a full, independent and active lifestyle"

Graeme Innes sitting with his black Guide Dog

Graeme’s Story

“My Guide Dogs have been critical to me being able to travel within Australia and overseas.”

Colin using his mobile phone

Colin’s Story

“If it wasn't for Guide Dogs, I would have wasted my life away, just sitting at home."