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Aran’s Story

Aran playing on his drums

When Aran moved to Australia from Thailand seven years ago he was living with only 20% vision, due to the hereditary degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Aran walking along footpath with his cane

For the last two years, he has been receiving orientation and mobility services from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Aran takes his cane with him everywhere but relies on it particularly at night, which is when his vision is most compromised.

At these times, bright lights such as car headlights and roadwork lighting can severely disorientate Aran and temporarily blind him., Having a long cane has made his travel to and from TAFE, where he studies music, less stressful.

Aran will soon complete his TAFE course and hopes to be able to teach music to other people with vision impairment. He currently trains five days a week at his local gym, and plans to spend more time exploring New South Wales as well as visiting the mountainous areas back in Thailand. Aran knows that accomplishing these goals is only a matter of time, thanks to the training provided by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT assists people who have impaired vision to travel safely and confidently using public transport, road crossings and stairs. We also show clients how to orientate themselves in the surrounding environment by using their senses and nearby landmarks. Find out more.