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Who your support helps

Colin using his mobile phone

Colin’s Story

Colin was overwhelmed with his experience in his free training with Guide Dogs so he decided to leave to Guide Dogs a part of his estate in his will.

Liam sitting hugging his balck labrador Yoda

Liam’s Story

Liam has a rare genetic condition called Norrie disease and had little confidence until he received Yoda from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Therapy Dog program.

John with in a chemist holding products with assistant

John’s Story

Thanks to a Ruby hand-held magnifier recommended by the Low Vision Clinic, and a new pair of glasses, John can continue to enjoy reading the newspaper.

Riley playing in the playground

Riley’s Story

An Orientation and Mobility Instructor from our Central West region introduced two-year old Riley to a 'pre-cane' to safely negotiate steps and other hazards.

Aran playing on his drums

Aran’s Story

Aran has Retinitis Pigmentosa and has been receiving orientation and mobility services from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT for the last two years.

Sue Ellen and her Guide Dog Prada

Sue-Ellen’s Story

Sue-Ellen is one of Australia's top equestrian riders despite living with the degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Guide Dog Tess with a student hugging her

Tess’ Story

A beautiful Labrador called Tess is a Therapy dog for around 60 students with severe disabilities at the Fisher Road School.

Close up of Steve, leaning against a tree

Steve’s Story

After training with an O&M instructor in using a long cane, Steve Widders developed a passion for walking and raised funds to help train a Guide Dog puppy.

Marie holding a bowling ball about to swing, at lawn bowls

Marie’s Story

Marie is an 80-year old avid lawn bowler who would not let Macular Degeneration keep her from the green.

Close up of Deb hugging her Guide Dog

Deb's Story

Deb credits the services she's received from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, such as cane training and orientation support, as being key to her functionality.