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Helen's story

Helen is a low vision services client

Although she has difficulty seeing what’s at the end of the street, Sutherland resident Helen McGuigan does not let this stop her from walking down it. 

Helen has reduced central vision and visual field, and has had problems with her sight for as long as she can remember. After getting in touch with Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s low vision specialists just this year, Helen has been given two tools that are helping her maintain her independent and active lifestyle.

First, Helen was prescribed with a yellow-tinted pair of sunglasses that have UV shields. These have helped her to see better when she goes outside for a walk or does her supermarket shopping.

Next, Helen was shown how to use a hand-held magnifier that allows her to read the newspaper and even do puzzles – something she never thought she’d do again. As a new client for Low Vision Services, Helen is looking forward to learning about the other ways that Guide Dogs NSW/ACT can assist her to maintain her independence, and continue to do the things she loves.

Helen using her magnifier