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John’s Story

John with in a chemist holding products with assistant

Having served in World War Two on a navy mine-layer, followed by a long career in the fashion industry, Sydneysider John knows just how important good vision is.

So when he began losing his sight to Macular Degeneration John was faced with some unexpected challenges, including simple things like reading the newspaper. However, since taking his doctor’s advice and contacting Guide Dogs NSW/ACT about a year ago, John literally hasn’t looked back.

His principal contact has been with our Low Vision Clinic at Chatswood, and he says the service has been remarkable. After assessing John’s level of vision, the Clinic’s expert staff identified practical ways to enhance his eyesight so that he could make better use of it in everyday situations. And thanks to a Ruby hand-held magnifier recommended by the Clinic, and a new pair of glasses, John can continue to enjoy reading the newspaper.

If his vision continues to deteriorate, it’s a great comfort for John to know that he can rely on Guide Dogs NSW/ACT for further assistance.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT provides practical advice to assist people with low vision adjust to their condition and maintain their quality of life. After assessing a person’s level of vision, we identify practical ways to enhance their remaining vision to make better use of it in everyday situations.