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Lachlan & Kody's Story

Young child Lachlan hugging is Therapy dog Kody

Like most three year olds, Lachlan loves playing outside and exploring. However, Lachlan cannot see the world he is discovering. Completely blind since birth, Lachlan is learning to understand his environment with the help of a very special four-legged friend named Kody.

A beautiful golden Labrador, Kody was given to Lachlan in late 2014 as part of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s Therapy Dog program. Lachlan’s mother Janine said Kody has already had a huge effect on both her son, and on her family. In particular, having Kody has helped Lachlan with his speech.

Lachlan hugging is PAT dog Kody

Using Kody’s paws, tail and head as a point of reference, the dog has allowed Lachlan to imagine what other animals would look and feel like. With his smiling face and even temperament, it’s no surprise that this gentle creature has become very popular in the neighbourhood. As everyone wants to pat Kody, Lachlan’s social skills have improved immensely.

“This is wonderful as many people were cautious about approaching us when they saw Lachlan’s white cane,” Janine explained.

Having settled in well, Kody has brought a lot of happiness into what was originally a difficult situation for the family. He goes everywhere with Lachlan and his brother, Joshua, and they adore him equally. Janine hopes that Lachlan’s early experience with Kody will help prepare him to be a confident Guide Dog handler in the future.

Lachlan with his O&M Instructor